Saturday, May 8, 2010


This is how I have been studying for my exams: took notes on questions from past exams. Took notes on those notes. Underlined key concepts in both sets of notes. Took notes on the notes that I took on my notes. Read notes over and over. Talk to myself.

Is it possible that even with all this studying I could do poorly on my exams?


Also, the other night I had a nightmare about cell signaling pathways that do not exist. I woke up very cranky, and worried that I will accidentally write about these fake cell signaling pathways on my exam instead of real ones.

Recently I have been studying a lot at the Scottish Studies Library. It is way better then the main library, which is filled beyond capacity with stressed students who are furiously studying. I got an email the other day that said more tables had to be moved into the library to accommodate all the students going there to study, and more study spaces had been opened in other places. So, in short, the main library is a hub of MADNESS which I am avoiding at all costs.

The Scottish Studies Library, on the other hand, is lovely. It is small, with only two rooms and three tables at which to study. One table is in the room where the librarian works, and the other two are in the connecting room. The librarian is super nice, and barely anyone studies in this library. Sometimes I am the only one there. Then I pretend it is my library.

I can dream can't I?

Yesterday and today I took tea/coffee study breaks. Yesterday I met Harriet at Metropole, and today I met Lindsey at Elephant House. Both study breaks were so nice, but today's was a bit sad as I had to say goodbye to Lindsey. Luckily, however, she goes to Smith, so we have planned to go to Haymarket together sometime next semester. She has never been.

Okay, study time!

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  1. Oh Ariane, "your" library is lovely! In our next house I have to have a "library".