Monday, March 29, 2010

Gray Day, Quiet Flat

So, term is over. I spent this past week studying, studying, studying. I took two theory or practical exams (exams based on the labs I did in my sciences classes), started research for my final paper for Genetics, Nature and Society, and gave a presentation on that final paper. Now all I have to do is finish that paper (due April 23rd) and study for two finals (May 12th and 13th).

By 11:30 on Friday my work was done and Spring Break had commenced. I came back to my flat to find my new computer waiting for me on the kitchen table. I took it back to my room, ripped open the box, and started configuring and personalizing it while having an email conversation with my father.

After a lunch of carrots and humus and couscous I took the slow, old laptop I had rented back to the library, bought toilet paper, and paid my first visit to the chocolate shop across the street, Choco Latte. The store was filled with chocolate and candies. There was barely room to form a queue, and only a small space sandwiched between sweets for the people behind the counter to peak their heads out from and take your order. I bought a giant chocolate covered Mars Bar muffin. I then returned to my flat, took the longest shower ever, and talked to my mother and Ella on Skype.

For dinner Lee and I went to the Mosque Kitchen, had the Mars Bar Muffin for dessert, and then went to a pub called John Leslie. Every month this pub features beers from a different brewery and this month the brewery was the Boggart Brewery. I got a Boggart's Brew which is a ruby red beer that isn't hoppy and has a distinct, light flavor. Lee got a Boggart Rum Porter described as "A classic porter with a smooth roast finish, enhanced by a sweet spicy hop taste, complemented with a hint of dark rum." As far as I am concerned with both made good choices. The drinks were also super cheap, at £2 each, and the pub was cozy and filled with old men and this silly woman who drank two half pints of Tennants (just get a whole pint, lady!).

Saturday was a lazy day. I didn't get out of the flat until around 8:30 when Lee and I went to the Jazz Bar. On Sunday Lee and I went to the Museum of Scottish History (which we are going to have to go back to because we only meandered around one floor and there are seven) and then got pies.

Today I made cheesy biscuits and am getting ready for my Spring Break trip. Tomorrow afternoon Lee and I are heading to Belgium. We will be spending six days there, followed by 5 days in Norway, and 3 days in Germany (specifically Munich). I still can't believe we leave tomorrow. I'm very excited, and I'm sure I will have a million and one stories about food to share when I get back.

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  1. Post about Belgium, Norway, and Germany! I am dying to read about your trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!